Snippets of My Life

So who am I? Good question - one that we should all ask ourselves periodically. Not too long ago, I was an software developer, a technical architect, and an IT project manager. I had started working in IT straight out of school and never looked back. I decided to take some time off from IT and put some time into my new passion for iPhone application development. That coupled with my long-term background in Indian Classical music (I’ve been teaching and performing for nearly 20 years) quickly morphed into my first iPhone app: the iTanpura.

As of this writing, iTanpura is available on the app store along with my subsequent apps (iLehra & iTablaPro). iTanpura was reviewed in the Indian publication Mint by none other than the inimitable Shubha Mudgal, and that was quite an honor for me. All three apps have been among the top 50 in the music category.

And now for my latest avatar (yes, this is actually a word of Indian origin meaning incarnation), I’ve joined a startup company called uGovernIT.com as their CTO (Chief Technology Officer). My primary role is to oversee the development of an exciting new IT Governance product specifically designed for Small to Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMBs).


A perfect career is one that lets you do something you love, which also just happens to be something you’re good at, and that miraculously happens to be something you can get paid for.

- Based on an idea by Bud Cadell